The information contained in this web is correct to the best of our knowledge, but is not to be construed as legally binding. By production requirements, Ceilook S.L reserves the right to modify or delete any of the models from the catalogue with no prior notice. The images shown in our catalogue could have slight variations with the finished product. Decoration image shown in our catalogues are advertising recommendations.


Ceilook product is marketed as “ceiling membrane of suspended ceiling”. For the installation of the product should be taken into account the installation recommendations provided by Ceilook, and the indications of the manufacturers of the other components    for the installation of suspended ceilings (substructure, profiles, hanging accessories …). In the same way, declared performances and the results obtained in the tests carried out are only for the Ceilook product, not for the other components of the installation.

The applicable regulations in each country and the technical specifications of all the products for installing the false ceiling must be respected.

Material detail content and weights in each box will be updated when the catalogue is printed. There could be some variations. Our

commercial department is available to clarify any questions about the product.



Ceilook’s store uses secure payment methods supported by solvent and reliable platforms, such as Redsys for card payments, which has a powerful fraud prevention tool and intelligent 3D Secure authentication, which minimizes abandonment.   On the other hand, Ceilook uses SLL certificates to guarantee the security of the introduced data.



We offer the CUSTOMER two ways to make payment of your order through the web:


1. TRANSFER: The buyer will make a transfer to our bank account for the total amount of the purchase made. It must indicate as a concept the name of the customer, if possible be the same as in the order.

Please note that the firm order will not be processed until our administration department does not verify the entry of the total amount of the order in the bank account indicated. The buyer must bear in mind that payment by transfer can take up to 48 hours (if purchased from abroad can take up to 72 hours), with the consequent delay in processing your order.


Bank details:

  • B.Santander – Nº Cuenta: ES04 0049 4898 91 2316163521  
  • SWIFT/BIC: BSCHESMM                                                                      
  • Concept: Name of the customer and/or order number (must match the name of the order).
  • Send a copy of the proof of payment to: indicating the reference or name of the order.


2.CREDIT / DEBIT CARD: We offer the possibility of paying the full cost of the order by bank card, either debit or credit. Payment by Visa and MasterCard is also accepted. The Santander Virtual POS is an online payment gateway of Banco Santander through its own website.

Security and Confidentiality: This is a secure payment system, with guaranteed operations of Secure Electronic Commerce (CES), with which the holder will be asked for an Authentication key or password, 100% reliable. We guarantee that each and every transaction carried out on is 100% secure. The Santander Virtual POS will not allow SSL or CES transactions if the issuing bank does not identify the holder.

The Santander Virtual POS is a device prepared to work in a totally secure way within the sales operation through the Internet. For this purpose:

  • The TPV will attempt to contact the card issuing bank to request authentication of the cardholder (verification of identity). In this way it can be guaranteed that only the genuine cardholder, the owner of the card, will be able to operate with it.
  • It implements SSL in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications established during the transaction.
  • It also enables mechanisms to verify the authenticity of the origin of the transactions. This prevents the manipulation of data by third parties and guarantees the integrity of the transaction.
  • All transactions carried out through the Santander Virtual POS will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for the agents involved: cardholders and their issuing entities, and merchants and their acquiring entities.


  • We do not process and confirm orders until our administration department verifies the deposit of the total amount of the order in our bank account.
  • Ceilook is not responsible for the delay in the reception of the payment by bank transfer and the consequent delay in the order process.
  • If we do not receive payment within 1 month, the order is cancelled.
  • At the end of your purchase and choose the method of payment, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the order.
  • Customers must review all data and products before confirming the order, being the responsibility of the customer that the order is correct. They will always be processed as firm purchase requests



The delivery time from confirmation of payment, provided there is stock, is two or three working days of preparation and between 4 – 7 days agency transit for domestic deliveries, and between 10-14 days for international deliveries. The delivery time may vary depending on several factors such as lack of stock, place of delivery (there are more remote delivery areas and the transit time is longer) and times of collection and delivery of orders.

As soon as it is delivered to the agency we send an email with the data and phone numbers of the same so you can track and / or arrange delivery with them.



Shipping costs are automatically calculated according to weight, volume of the goods and delivery postal code.

However, in the case of remote towns or municipalities and/or delivery points with difficult access, the amount of the transport cost is likely to vary and is higher than the amount recorded on the website.

They are paid at the time of full payment of the order along with the rest of the products in the basket and can be detailed before finalizing the purchase. They are also indicated in euros and with taxes included.

For large quantities and groups, confirm transport costs before confirming the order, via e-mail to



Ceilook reserves the right to choose the most appropriate form of transport, either by courier agency, logistics company or own transport in order to offer faster delivery of orders.

Once the customer places the order, we check available stock of all products. If there is no availability and always before sending the order, the customer is informed by e-mail or telephone of the situation. The customer will decide whether to wait until the date of new manufacture of the product out of stock, if you want to make a change for a similar product, if you want a partial shipment or if you want to cancel the total of your order.

If the account had already been debited at the time of informing the customer about the unavailability of the product, and the customer decides to cancel the order, will be reimbursed for the corresponding amount. Ceilook will proceed to refund this amount through the means of payment used by the customer for the purchase of the product and as soon as possible.

We recommend that before making the firm order, you contact us to confirm the stock of the products you wish to buy.

The photos are not contractual.



When it is the customer who performs the transport, he will assume the risk, exempting us from any responsibility for the goods.

The merchandise is checked and properly packed before shipment in the corresponding logistics warehouses.

IMPORTANT: There must be a person responsible at the point of unloading for the signature of the corresponding delivery note and who is informed of the conditions of delivery as it becomes responsible for the receipt of the order.



1) If you notice any deterioration in the packaging must be reflected in the delivery note of the carrier before signing and communicate as soon as possible (send photos the same day to

2) If the carrier does not agree to wait for the goods to be 100% checked, it must be reflected on the delivery note before signing it. Try to reflect any damage on the delivery note, any anomaly as it will be proof for the insurance.

3) When you receive the order you have 24 hours to check that all the material is in perfect condition. If it is signed and there is NO review in the delivery note, the insurance does not take charge of the damages, therefore, the replacement will be on behalf of the client. It is recommended to open the strapping of all merchandise and check the condition of the boxes before signing any delivery note and that the carrier leaves.

Important: The goods must be checked before placement to check the absence of defects, since once placed the company is not responsible for the defects and can not claim to factory.


If any reference of the products received does not coincide with that of the confirmation e-mail, please contact us via e-mail

No claims for damage caused by such transport will be attended, once 24 hours have elapsed and above all will not be attended when it has not been stated on the delivery note that “the goods are pending review”.


Important: There is no possibility of replacement of loose parts as the minimum purchase is a complete box. If they are loose pieces, they will be credited for those loose pieces. The customer can choose to buy a complete box and will be discounted the broken pieces and the proportional transport.



Large quantities are those weighing more than approximately 600 kg.

The goods will be delivered at street level with an auto-discharge platform, directly in the portal of the home (at the foot of the sidewalk) that you indicate to us at the time you made your purchase. The transporters are not authorized to manipulate the merchandise, therefore, always it is unloaded on foot of street and they DO NOT raise the merchandise to the particular domicile, is for that reason, that it can be necessary that they require of help to receive the merchandise and to enter the material in his domicile.

When the customer demands the unloading of pallets in a special place, specified by the customer, we disclaim any responsibility for possible damage.

You must inform at the time of placing your order, if there is any anomaly that makes it difficult or impossible for the carrier to access the destination address. If the material cannot be downloaded for this reason, an alternative delivery point will be sought, closer to the address indicated. The costs incurred by not being able to deliver the goods to the place indicated, will be borne by the customer.

Any change of vehicle by the impossibility of delivering at the point of delivery, can generate an additional cost that will always be borne by the customer. It is advisable to warn of these possible complications before placing the order, in order to calculate the cost and have no extra costs caused by an incident.

How to notify a broken product:

  1. When no review has been written on the delivery note and the breakage is verified within 24 hours, we can try to get the insurance to take care of it, but they usually reject these incidents. In these cases the material is never replaced, you would only have the option to pay for the damaged material (discounting the shipping and return costs, which are always paid by the customer) and provided that it is notified within 24 hours after delivery. You must keep the broken material in case we need to collect it.

* Write an email to, indicating name, surname, ID, order number and attach images of the breakage. They must be images that show the exact pieces and are clearly seen.

We always check delivery notes with the transport agency, to verify customer reviews during delivery.


  1. When you have written a review on the delivery note, we can manage the breakage and try to get the insurance to take care of it. When you receive the material, if there is a break, you have 24 hours to contact us (provided you have written that you have not been able to review the goods and there is a notification of damage to the delivery note. You must keep the broken material in case the insurance needs to pick it up.

* Write an email to , indicating name, surname, ID, order number and attach the images of the breakage. They must be images that show the exact pieces and are clearly seen.


We will send you an email confirming the insurance response and if the insurance accepts the incident, the customer can choose between the payment of the damaged goods (discounting the shipping costs of shipping and return, which are always borne by the customer) or replacement of the same.

Important: There is no possibility of replacement of loose parts as the minimum purchase is a complete box. In case they are loose pieces, the corresponding credit will be made to those loose pieces. The customer can choose to buy a complete box and will be discounted the broken pieces and the proportional transport.



The customer must keep the proof of purchase, as its presentation is necessary for any check, exchange or return.

All products are covered by the current Spanish warranty law, with 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects. Ceilook is not responsible for damage caused by misuse of purchased products or damage caused by wear and tear.

The customer has 14 working days to exercise its right of withdrawal (return). This period is to withdraw, communicate the intention to return the product. Once past this period, if there is no notification, no money will be returned for any item or have an option for changes or returns. Before this deadline, the amount will be refunded provided that the product is returned in the same condition of presentation (original packaging without damage or breakage, labeling and perfect state of preservation) and in which it was delivered by our company. The customer, however, will bear the costs of returning the good.

The user must correctly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and observe the minimum safety measures. Likewise, a product that does not come in its original packaging, with all accessories, manuals, documentation and invoice in perfect condition will not be returned. Please keep the original packaging for the duration of the product’s warranty period.

The return of products will always be the responsibility of the customer. Only in the case that the return corresponds to manufacturing defects, or product defects, our company will assume the costs of reshipment of the new material. In the event that the return corresponds to causes beyond the control of this company, the costs incurred by the return will be borne by the buyer. If you have received a product that is not correct according to your order, once the 14 working days have passed, you will not have the possibility of payment or return.

In the event of a defective product, the seller is liable for any lack of conformity that becomes apparent within two years of delivery. The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity as soon as he becomes aware of it. In the case of ceramics, if there is a defect it SHOULD NOT BE PLACED, since once the material has been placed the customer assumes that the product is in perfect condition and cannot demand the return of the product.

Merchandise (especially ceramics) must be checked before installation to check for the absence of defects, since once placed the company is not responsible for the defects and can not be claimed to the factory.

Before returning any product, please contact us via email indicating the reason and a contact telephone. The customer service department of our company will contact you as soon as possible.  Photos or images are not contractual.


How to make a return:

Goods made to the buyer’s specifications or clearly personalized are exempt from the right of withdrawal, can not be returned. All special parts, skirting boards, steps … manufactured exclusively on request for the customer, have no return option.

To be accepted the return, the product must be returned in the same conditions of presentation (packaging, labeling and perfect state of preservation). Open and broken boxes will not be accepted without their original packaging. Until we receive the images of the order pending return, we can not process it.

As long as you are within the return deadline, you should contact us and write us an email:

* Write an email to , indicating name, surname, ID, order number, reason for return and attach images of the status of the order.


We will send you an email confirming the final amount to return, discounting the shipping costs of shipping and return, which are always on behalf of the customer. To this mail they will have to respond confirming that indeed they want to realize the return of their order + Nº of bank account in case they have paid by this method.

When we receive the confirmation of return from the customer, we will send the documentation that must go with the order, to facilitate the return of goods (return label in some cases). Please prepare the goods in the same conditions in which they were delivered and facilitate, as far as possible, their collection.

The deadline for accepting a return will be a maximum of 14 calendar days from receipt of the goods. The costs of transport, delivery and return are always borne by the customer.

The goods will be credited after review and subsequent factory confirmation. The return will be made in the same terms of payment in which the purchase was made.



These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain. Both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Castellón (Spain), waiving any other jurisdiction.



We do not sell products to minors. Children under the age of 18 may only use under the supervision of a parent or guardian.



For any complaint you can contact our Customer Service Department, through, where we will try to resolve any disagreement amicably.




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Conditions of Access and Use

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